What Causes Back Pain and What Treatments Are Available to Stop It?

Back pain is something most everyone will face at some point in their lives. When a person is dealing with serious back pain, it begins to interfere with their normal function. Ongoing back pain that has become chronic in nature needs to be addressed so a person’s quality of life can be improved. Thankfully, there are many spinal treatments available today that can allow a person to experience the pain-relief they have been looking for without the aid of risky pain medications that can sometimes make them experience negative side-effects.

There are many causes of back pain, including:

A breakdown in the discs that protect the vertebrae and prevent them from rubbing together

A mechanical issue that has caused the back to cease moving normally

Degenerative disc disease where the vertebrae begin to degrade over the years

Arthritis in the back or hip joints

Deformities in the spine, such as scoliosis

Spinal injuries that occur in car accidents and falls

Sprains and strains in the muscles of the back

Fractures in the vertebrae

While there are surgical options for correcting spinal issues, these are generally only considered as a last resort, when other non-invasive treatments have not worked to stop the pain. The first step in making a decision on pain-relief intervention is for a person to consult with a doctor who specializes in disorders and injuries of the spine.

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Today, there are many types of treatment for spinal pain:

Spinal injections can be used to stop the pain and inflammation in the back.

Disc replacement surgery can replace the damaged discs so the vertebrae are no longer rubbing together and causing pain.

Interspinous decompression can stop the compression in the spine and bring welcome relief from pain.

A disc fusion procedure can stop certain vertebrae from moving so they are no longer causing a person pain.

If you are experiencing ongoing back pain, it is time for you to see a doctor so the cause can be determined. With spinal intervention treatments, you can find the relief you have been seeking so you can live a more normal, pain-free life. Call today for your appointment.